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Looking for a smarter Pipedrive alternative?

Meet Salesflare.

There's a reason why people score Salesflare 4.7/5 vs. Pipedrive 4.3/5. Find out why in a free trial.

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Keep a sparkling clean and up-to-date database

Want to avoid bad data and duplicates?

Salesflare was built in part because we were tired of alternative CRMs giving us bad data and duplicate contacts. They made it easy to store information, but not to keep it organized.

That’s why we made sure that we built a product that keeps more (and better) data with less work. We want customers to have their data clean and up-to-date. 

The last thing we want is for customers to find weird things like phone numbers in an email address field or five different contacts with the same email address.

Salesflare also suggests you when a contact should probably be linked to an account or when a meeting is missing meeting notes.

Automate your customer data and save time

Don’t like manual data input? Neither do we.

At Salesflare, we’re all about automation. We want SMBs to spend time on what really matters: building relationships with customers.

That’s why Salesflare pulls in data automatically and dynamically for your contacts using social profiles, email signatures and company information from publicly available data.

Salesflare keeps track of every customer touchpoint - emails from your mailbox, calls from your phone, meetings from your calendar, email attachments, email opens and clicks and website visits - you guessed it, automatically.

Salesflare also automatically detects how your team is connected to a company and how strong these connections are.

Have more fun in your CRM

Don't like interfaces with fifty shades of grey, white, black?

We think when it comes to a modern CRM, the concept of boring, monochromatic design should be left behind.

Our current customers love that Salesflare brings some color into pipeline stages, adds logos and icons of accounts and offers visual interfaces for your to-do lists, conversations and more.

We believe that managing customers is a lot of fun and your CRM experience should be as well. 

After all, if it’s something you’re using day in and day out, it shouldn’t have to be boring.

Work with modern technology

Don’t enjoy using outdated software?

Salesflare is built on Google Cloud and with modern software technology, why it works on every device the same way and with full functionality and why it's built to organize your CRM data automatically.

Since it’s built from the ground up to automate your customer data and communication, it’s constantly being updated and improved to give our customers even more automation possibilities.

It’s designed to work quickly, anywhere, anytime, from any device - which brings us to our next point…

Quick overview of the main features

Be able to do everything from your phone

Do you like opening up your computer to change or see certain things in your CRM? 

Nobody does. And with Salesflare, you don't have to.

With Salesflare’s app, you can access the full functionality of Salesflare from your phone.

Built for both touch and click, on all screen sizes, in the same familiar way everywhere you use it – Salesflare is made for people on the go who don’t want to get bogged down with needing their laptop with them at all times to perform basic CRM functions.

We also offer a sidebar plugin to unlock the full power of Salesflare directly in your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

See Salesflare for yourself

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“Just get the trial. The first 30 seconds won me over, it’s SO EASY. ” 

Sloane Earl

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have customer info you can rely on

Organize: Get a CRM that puts you in control

  • Everything in one place - address book, communication timeline, tasks, files, pipelines and more
  • Visual pipeline - a clear, customizable view of your sales funnel
  • Tasks & task suggestions - never drop the ball on a lead again
  • Team sharing - collaborate with your team flawlessly
  • Custom fields - keep track of all of the customer data you can imagine
  • Search - find everything you need instantly
  • Live notifications - get up-to-date notifications whenever, wherever, on any device
  • Insights dashboard - master the numbers

Communicate: Never miss a beat with your customers again

  • Email and web tracking - get the full picture of how leads and customers are interacting with your company
  • Relationships - easily see who your colleagues already know - and who they know best
  • Lead scoring/hotness alerts - identify and prioritize your leads with hotness alerts
  • Bulk emails - send personalized follow-up emails at scale

Automate: Do less robot work, have more human interaction

  • Automated address book - fully automate your contact and company info - stop manual entry of contact and company data
  • Automated timelines - your timelines are synced with your email, calendar meetings and phone call history
  • Automated file repository - keep handy document folders for your customers effortlessly
  • Timeline with Twitter updates - always have the latest news on your customers handy through their social profiles
  • Send automated emails based on triggers - automate your email follow-up based on triggers that you can directly set up in the CRM

Integrate: Let this CRM give you superpowers

  • Email sidebars for Gmail & Outlook - use Salesflare without leaving your email inbox
  • Mobile app for iPhone & Android - finally, a CRM app that offers full functionality from your phone
  • REST API - it’s simple: Salesflare’s API can be connected to any other app
  • 1000+ integrations - Salesflare offers native integrations and access to 1,000+ app integrations through Zapier, PieSync and Blendr as well as natively

Here are some of the awards Salesflare has received

Why Salesflare?

“CRMs all have the same features. The thing that separates a great CRM from the pack is whether or not it's easy to keep it up to date.” 

Josh Garofalo
Sway Copy