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A simple yet powerful CRM for small and medium-sized businesses selling B2B.

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Microsoft 365

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Make more sales while spending less time managing data and emails.
Salesflare suggested accounts.
Salesflare keeps track of who you’re in touch with, so you don’t have to.


Automated address book

Convert your business email inbox and calendar into an automated address book that contains everyone you know.

Data enrichment

Automatically enrich your accounts and contacts with data from publicly available sources and email signatures.

Email, meeting and call sync

Capture your interactions with leads in automated timelines that you can rely on to better organize your follow up.

Account & contact suggestions

Get suggestions to add accounts and contacts you're in touch with, so you don't have to remember it all yourself.

Email sequences

Engage with your leads and customers in a personal way at scale. Follow up flawlessly until you get in touch.

Never miss a follow up again with effortless customer tracking.
Salesflare notifications
Salesflare notifies you of every important update and sends automated reminders.


Visual sales pipeline

See your whole sales pipeline in one easily controllable overview. Drag and drop your leads through it as you go.

Automated reminders

Get reminded to follow up, reply to emails, or add notes, so you never forget to follow up your leads ever again.

Email and web tracking

Track when people open your emails, which links they click in these emails, and what they read on your website.

Live notifications

Keep up with everything that happens through live notifications on your device and a central notification center.

Saved filters

Create lists or segments you can easily return to by saving your advanced, cross-entity filtering combinations.

Share your customer conversations, so you can address them as one team.
Salesflare account timeline
Working together on customers is much easier with Salesflare.


Shared communications

Share all your team's communication with a customer in one place, so you can serve your customers as a true team.

Relationship intelligence

See who in your team knows whom at a company and how well, so you can build stronger relationships together.

Shared email templates

Create reusable, standard templates that you can quickly easily insert into emails within Salesflare and Gmail.

Permissions system

Decide what data and pipelines (not) to share with your team using a powerful, yet easy-to-use permissions system.

Customizable reporting

Build reports and dashboards that inform you how your team is doing and how you can improve your sales approach.

Integrate with the rest of your toolset to boost your productivity.
Salesflare LinkedIn sidebar
Salesflare integrates deeply with your LinkedIn, Gmail and/or Outlook.


Email & calendar integration

Integrate your CRM with your emails and calendar, so it can automate your timelines and your address book at once.

Call history integration

Sync the calls you make on your Android phone to Salesflare. Automatically log calls when you click to call as well.

LinkedIn sidebar & email finder

Add and manage leads seamlessly from within LinkedIn. Find business email addresses with a built-in email finder.

Zapier & native integrations

Integrate Salesflare with 5000+ other apps using Zapier, Make, ... or any of Salesflare's many native integrations.

Mobile application

Get access to 100% of your CRM's functionality on your phone by installing Salesflare's app for iOS and Android.

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“It's a CRM that fills out itself. I'm saving so much time and energy.”

Eveline Smet | The Growth Agency

Eveline Smet

The Growth Agency

“If you want an intuitive, automated, and intelligent sales CRM, I have seen nothing that comes close to Salesflare.”

Colin Lernell | Udacity

Colin Lernell


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