The augmented sales team

8 rules to boost your sales performance.

Many companies implement a CRM system to support their sales organization, hoping that it will dramatically increase their sales performance. Still, as many as 55 to 70% of CRM implementations fail according to studies of Gartner and the Butler Group.

This whitepaper explores why this happens and transforms it into 8 concrete rules for augmenting sales teams with software. Pragmatic and powerful rules that we take at heart at Salesflare.

If you are working to improve your sales performance, drive more revenue through smart technology, or to make your sales team happier, this whitepaper is for you.

"When you combine the forces of machines and humans, you get even more phenomenal results.”

Some quotes from the whitepaper:

“Nudges directly related to real sales activities can be far more effective than direct instructions or enforcement of rules.”
“A proper mobile sales management tool should work like, say, Facebook Messenger: fast, easy and efficient.”

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