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Never miss a follow-up again

Get a visual dashboard view on your sales pipeline and take full control.

Let yourself be assisted with automated follow-up suggestions when leads start to slip or emails remain unanswered.

Stay on top of your leads with live notifications of their interactions with your emails and website.

Keep track of leads automatically

Salesflare tracks customer interactions automatically, so you always have a complete overview of all emails, meetings, calls, and email/web tracking.

It automates your address book based on email signatures and public social data.

And you won't have to open an extra tab either: Salesflare is fully integrated into Gmail, Outlook and LinkedIn.

“If you want an intuitive, automated, and intelligent sales CRM, I have seen nothing that comes close to Salesflare.”

- Colin Lernell, Udacity

See everything about a lead in one place

No need to separately sift through your email inbox, calendar, social media, phone and notes.

Salesflare keeps everything for you in one place, so you always know where you left off.

It's like your second memory for sales leads.

Accessible from your phone, laptop and tablet.

Start selling like a pro

Up to 30 days free trial. No credit card or training required. 

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“Salesflare reminded me to chase up a warm lead and I won the deal. I'd forgotten about the proposal I had submitted due to being so busy!”

- Elliott Porter, Weblake Interactive

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