Input less data, make more sales

Your time is precious.
Focus on your customers.

Fully automated contact and company info.

Don’t worry about storing telephone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses for every customer anymore. No more searching for LinkedIn profiles. Salesflare gathers this information from emails, email signatures, social profiles, and more. Everything automatically appears in your address book.

Stop managing data, start managing customers. Reduce time spent on data entry by more than 70%.

Find anyone's email address.

Don't know where to email them? Based on their first name, last name and company, Salesflare will find their business email address in a matter of seconds.

Automatic logging of meetings and phone calls.

Stop losing time on reporting what you’ve done. Salesflare connects to your calendar and mobile phone to log your meetings and phone calls with customers for you.

“My husband and kids welcomed the extra time I can spend with them now. That’s for sure.”

Linda Dufour

Century 21

A handy document folder per customer.

It’s blazingly quick to find documents back. Salesflare automatically organizes the documents (and other files) you and your team exchange with customers.

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